I don't think I can handle much more of this.

I need to make about 50 more dollars a week at least.

I might be homeless in a few months and I can't even afford a backpack.


Awww jeeeez guys. Everything is going to be closed. We shouldn't have got so high.

Dood, it's only 21:20.



Weeeeee life is beautiful.

Life if painful.

Sometimes I'm dehydrated.

Obvious poem ends.


Life Without Lemons


The young gentleman bathes in the planks of light in his apartment.
Ice keeps falling out of the poorly made tray.
He attempts to adorn his spirits with Mango.
Where have all his limes gone.



After my bike accident-of-sorts, I have developed old habits.

They are a cyclical thing, ya see.

I sort my dirty laundry ina colour wheel, the middle of my floor.

When will I begin to watch/sh things.


new poetry project

I be bear the dance floor.
You be the bear of it all yo. Tis no pain but truse, and all have been broken
They are no deer in the headlights of my predilection. So breathe and leave
For this eve I have vanquished the fear that leaves men in seats

- poem of in-and-out extreme drunkeness.


wordy scrim

Alacrity: Brisk and cheerful readiness.


raw foods

you'd think a raw foods diet would be the epitome of laziness. but it's actually rather complicated.

tonight I shall dream as bunny do.
Excerpts from the style sheet of the Kansas City Star, where Ernest Hemingway worked as a reporter in 1917:
  • Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs. Use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative.
  • Eliminate every superfluous word, as “Funeral services will be at 2 o’clock Tuesday,” not “The funeral services will be held at the hour of 2 o’clock on Tuesday.” “He said” is better than “He said in the course of conversation.”
  • Avoid the use of adjectives, especially such extravagant ones as “splendid,” “gorgeous,” “grand,” “magnificent,” etc.
  • Be careful of the word “also.” It usually modifies the word it follows closest. “He, also, went” means “He, too, went.” “He went also” means he went in addition to taking some other action.
  • Be careful of the word “only.” “He only had $10″ means he alone was the possessor of such wealth; “He had only $10″ means the ten was all the cash he possessed.
  • A long quotation without introducing the speaker makes a poor lead especially and is bad at any time. Break into the quotation as soon as you can, thus: “‘I should prefer,’ the speaker said, ‘to let the reader know who I am as soon as possible.’”
“Those were the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing,” Hemingway told a reporter in 1940. “I’ve never forgotten them. No man with any talent, who feels and writes truly about the thing he is trying to say, can fail to write well if he abides with them.”


Food TV

I'm honing in on my food-television reality-elimination game show methodologies.

1st Lesson: Never have a signature dish that is a salad.

2nd Lesson: Never wait to put the meat/pastry in the oven.

3rd Lesson: Never try to sabotage everyone else by picking ingredients that are too complicated.

4th Lesson: Don't stick to one form of cuisine.

plus au tard!


Fast Folks Cyclery @ 1105 E. 6th

fixie shop which i biked 10 miles to get to today, then in a hung-over daze rode right by and back home without noticing.


you know, these things happen.

it's bizarre when you sit down on your yoga mat to do some stretching.

then you finish and look at the clock, and bam! 40 minutes have passed.

yay hamstrings. http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/1391



1114 W. 5th Street
donation based yoga studio


za za

I am thankful that I do not quantify my life by the standards of music festivals and live shows.

I eat music spoonfuls.

Most of them are dead.

I can still be vegetarian because I did not cook them.

I'm more like a worm, or a beetle.

A scavenger of sorts.

Still myself.

Three cheers for unnecessary spacing.


kittens in my room
jammin to my tunes
occasionally they roar
but most usually just snore
so leave me with my sandwhiches
and infrequent eye twitches





a few observations on recent life

hippies are fun because they wake up so early and will talk to you. (wake and cake also)

hipsters are fun because they stay up late and get dirty. (bike and cake also)

hill people are fun because they make moonshine. (little cake going on)

homosexual women are fun because they argue and fight. (sometimes weird amounts of cake)

holy men are fun because they see things. (kings of cake)


un homme

I am a man who hates great passions.
Leave me to the peace of inevitable change.
Et si je te permettras, me demandais doucement une reponse.
For I am more inclined to stare at the clouds, and into the soul
than to break hearts and start fires.


How witches deal with their bad news.

- Sophie, have you heard?

- No, I've been in the greenhouse all morning.

- Jack's made off with the kids again.

- Blast, back to the greenhouse! Nettle spells!